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WATCH: Devon Allen Talks Return to Oregon Football

With Rio Olympics behind him, Allen returns to the gridiron.

Now that the Olympics are over and football season is upon us, Oregon Ducks wide receiver Devon Allen is back on the field in the green and yellow.

Watch as he speaks on his return to the gridion with Oregon’s official website:

For now, the speedy receiver is in an "acclimation period" to get used to being on the field and says he'll be back into the grind in a few days.

Allen also plans to be back in the Olympics in four years.

"I made the finals in the Olympics for my first international competition, my first time out of the country competing, so I think that's pretty good," he says. "I've got to wait for more years to do it again in Tokyo, and hopefully the outcome is a little bit better."

While he also hopes to play in the Ducks' first game, he acknowledges there's a lot of work to do.

"Even though I've been playing for a while, there's still a learning curve with all the new stuff."