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College Football Hate Week Open Thread

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Man, being in the eastern time zone suuucks. 8 whole hours until kickoff? That extra hour from my normal central time makes a big difference. But hey, there are some games today that will hopefully prove entertaining

9am, ABC: Michigan vs. Ohio State. Enjoy the last gasp of the Brady Hoke era!

9am, SEC Network: Georgia Tech vs. Georgia. Take a good look at a team that will hopefully knock off FSU next weekend.

10am, Pac-12 Network: Utah vs. Colorado. It's a Pac-12 game?

12:30pm, Big 10 Network: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin. Battle for the B1G West.

12:30pm., CBS. Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss. Bring on the chaos!

1:30pm, Pac-12 Networks, BYU vs. Cal. Make us proud, Bears.

4:45pm, ESPN, Auburn vs. Alabama. Bring on more chaos!