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Championship Saturday Open Thread

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Ducks are back in Eugene and we're celebrating  what is a spot in the first College Football Playoffs and a likely a Heisman Trophy for Marcus Mariota. So with our spot secure, let's sit back and watch some other people lose!

Here's the full schedule from SBNation, but some highlights:

9am, ABC: Iowa State vs. TCU.

1pm, CBS: SEC Championship, Missouri vs. Alabama

4:45pm, ESPN: Kansas State vs. Baylor

4:45pm, ABC: Georgia Tech vs. Florida State

5:17pm, FOX: Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

While Alabama is a good bet to top Missouri, the rest of the playoffs look to be quite up in the air. Florida State could easily get upset by Georgia Tech today, and TCU, Baylor, and tOSU are a tossup to take the final playoff spot.

Bring 'em on in the Rose Bowl! GO DUCKS!