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College Gameday Open Thread

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The Ducks may be off, but there is plenty of football to discuss.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Morning games

9am, ESPN2: Wyoming at MSU. Two of our early opponents face off in what won't be a very close game.

9am, ESPN: Tennessee at Georgia. Georgia dropped a tough game at South Carolina. Tennessee gave a good showing against Oklahoma. This game will be very important for the Dawgs moving forward.

Early afternoon games

12:30, CBS: Arkansas as Texas A&M. I don't know that either of these teams can play defense. ESS EEE SEE!

12:30, ABC/ESPN2: Minnesota vs. Michigan. HAHAHA, nope!

1:15pm, FOX: Stanford vs. washington. Someone has to lose!

Late Games

4pm, ESPN: Missouri vs. South Carolina. Well, Gameday was there. I guess it has to be an OK game.

7:30pm, Oregon State vs. USC. We haven't seen much of the Beavs yet. And who knows what we'll get from USC. This game could tell us a good deal about the Pac-12 pecking order.

Enjoy the games everyone! GO DUCKS!