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Quack Fix: Mack Brown situation, Artis and Carter soon return

Your daily collection of Oregon Duck links, today we talk about opposing coaches!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

  • As the Ducks prepare for the Alamo, things are getting pretty interesting in Austin. A report came out yesterday that Mack Brown was going to resign, only to have Brown come out and strongly deny that report later. Brown may be gone by the end of the season, but this doesn't seem like something that's going to end nicely.
  • With Chris Petersen now the coach of Washington, he apparently has just one job. Beat Oregon. Maybe he'll be the 4th straight UW coach to never beat Oregon.
  • Andrew Greif looks at the Alamo Bowl tight end situation, which is unsettled for both Ducks and Longhorns. The Ducks are now down their top two tight ends, after Colt Lyerla's departure and Pharaoh Brown's suspension. I think the Ducks will be in fine shape with Johnny Mundt and Evan Baylis.
  • Andrew Greif also looks at the Oregon basketball team, and the job Dana Altman has done at getting his teams to play cohesively. And with Artis and Carter coming back soon, it'll be fun to see how that continues moving forward.
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