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Quack Fix: The Opening continues in Beaverton, Devon Allen's future

Your daily collection of Oregon Duck links.

Andy Lyons
  • For those of you that don't like recruiting, well, it must be a pretty boring week for you. With Nike's The Opening happening in Beaverton, it's all recruiting, all the time right now. Oregon commit RB Taj Griffin has made a big impact, with a 4.31 second 40-yard dash, while also posting a 45-inch vertical leap. The running back talent at Oregon looks to continue for a long, long time.
  • If you're looking to get up your hopes only to have them dashed in the future, look no further than this! I can't wait to see him commit to Florida.
  • Johnny Manziel can't do anything right. But I do like the video in that article.
  • This was tackled in the comments the other day, and now Ken Goe gives his thoughts on Devon Allen's future. With his performance over the past few months, a future in track might be his best option. But right now, he's on a football scholarship, and the track team doesn't have any scholarships to spare. If Allen pursue's track & field, he'll probably need to turn professional (though that won't prohibit him from also pursuing his education).
  • Dan Rubenstein, Spencer Hall, and Bud Elliot preview the Pac-12 race this year.
  • Jack Follman at Pacific Takes says Oregon might have the best OL in the nation. While I understand the idea behind this, as the Ducks return stars at the three most identifiable positions along the line (assuming Johnstone will be ready to play this year), I need to see a lot more consistency and cohesiveness out of the interior before I get really excited.

Video Of The Day

Behind the scenes with the Oregon equipment team.