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Quack Fix: Offense tries to fix red zone woes, Royce Freeman in the mix to start

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The Ducks attempt to fix last year's red zone woes, while freshman phenom Royce Freeman is in the mix for the starting RB position.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Highlights (from Tuesday's official practice report)

  • The Ducks have put a lot of emphasis on converting red zone opportunities this offseason. After converting over 75% of red zone chances into TDs in 2011 and 2012, the Ducks dropped all the way to 66% in 2013, with especially poor performances against Stanford and Arizona.
  • In yesterday's practice, the offense scored on 5 straight possessions in the red zone drills, but the defense was able to bounce back with a couple turnovers.
  • It's fun to hear about new guys that are making an impact. Austin Maloata has received a lot of priase early, which is very encouraging. Moseley also mentions that Arik Armstead looks like he's poised for big things.
  • Tyson Alger has a few other notes from interviews after practice.

Tweet Of The Day

There's no way this can be real. Right? I think we see him by the 3rd series against South Dakota.

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