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Quack Fix: Our running backs are going to be awesome

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Watch out Pac-12, the Oregon rushing attack is coming for ya.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Practice Report Highlights

  • In day two of practice, the Ducks ramped up intensity, as they got into the swing of camp. With so much young talent around, the coaching staff looked to install as much of the playbook as possible.
  • Troy Hill drew some praise, which, I'll be honest, surprises me a bit. It'd be nice to see if he can improve from his performance over the past couple seasons.
  • Chance Allen and Zac Schuller (a JC wide receiver) both made an impact in practice. With the uncertainty at receiver, both will have big opportunities for playing time.
Video Of The Day

I could listen to Gary Campbell talk about how awesome our running backs are for hours.