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Quack Fix: Finding Big Brothers in Lowe Places

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Day 5. Still no Oregon Football. I hear I have a week to wait until football will show up. I'm not sure if anyone will be getting this. I'm not sure if I'll survive. I give myself anywhere from 65-38 percent chance to live. If only... if only I had some links to give me a Quack Fix until someone shows up.

William Mancebo

  • Devon Allen has found a big brother in Keanon Lowe. It's been a lot of fun watching the excitement between Allen and Lowe and their enthusiasm they show each other as they keep scoring touchdowns this year.

  • A big thing this week among the players in practice seems to be working on their communication. Both within the secondary and on the offensive line. You have true freshmen starting on the line, and they just haven't had time to grow that chemistry. They apparently were over thinking a lot of their plays against WSU, and are looking to improve their communication for the remaining season.

  • With a win last night over OSU, Volleyball coach Jim Moore became the winningest coach in UO volleyball history. At 197 wins, he's about to achieve a milestone of 200 wins, but he's finding plenty to keep him motivated.

Did I miss anything? Yes. Feel free to let me know what in the comments, and I'll throw in some more links.