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Quack Fix: Ducks install gameplan, how Oregon become elite, getting to know Jeff Lockie

Your daily collection of Oregon Duck links prepares for the National Championship Game

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From Tuesday's Practice Report

  • The team got physical in today's practice, but Moseley noted the team's mental edge. According to Scott Frost, the team adapted to "new things" in the gameplan very quickly, where in past years it might take until Wednesday to get the execution where the coaches want.
  • Today was the first of a few physical practices, as the normal practice week is shifted two days with the game on Monday instead of Saturday. As Oregon has played a number of games this year on irregular games, I would imagine they're pretty used to an extended schedule at this point.
  • Marcus Mariota can throw into tight windows! I was rewatching the Rose Bowl last night, and Mariota's passing was just not very sharp on the day, especially down the field. Gameplan, his decision-making, and his ability to improvise made that a complete non-issue. Hopefully the Rose Bowl shook off those cobwebs (now that's a scary thought).

Quote Of The Day

From the Rose Bowl Advanced Box Score at Football Study Hall.

So Oregon finished drives much better, avoided passing downs better, produced bigger big plays, avoided sacks, played better in the first, third, and fourth quarters, and dominated the turnover margin despite a little bit of bad turnovers luck. But other than that, the game could have gone either way, I think


Video Of The Day #1

Video Of The Day #2