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Quack Fix: Ok, what happens now?

Today's quack fix is filled with the Monday morning postmortem after the beatdown the Ducks received from Utah on Saturday night.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports
  • Andrew Greif looks back at Oregon's 2003 loss to Utah to ask if this year's loss to Utah will be a bad omen, or spur a breakthrough. Important to note in this article, is Helfrich's comment, "There are not wholesale changes necessary and we're not going to go away from what we do." Midseason, this isn't surprising, but if it doesn't work immediately, there will need to be significant offseason changes.
  • SBNation's Bill Connelly wonders what the hell happened to Oregon? Defense and lack of big plays, mostly. Bill seems to assume that Oregon will rebound.
  • Grantland's Matt Hinton starts out with the Ducks in his weekly roundup. The game reminded Hinton of the 2009 Fright Night against USC where the previous king was dethroned in epic fashion. Sucks when you're on the opposite end of that one.
  • SI's Pete Thamel talked with a number of opposing coaches on what happened to Oregon. Some are optimistic, some, not so much. Here's a nice quote: "'Their defensive scheme is really unsound,' said an assistant coach whose team faced the Ducks. 'They got away with it in the past because they were always so far ahead on the scoreboard, but I've always said, 'Put them in a tight game because they're not going to be able to hold up defensively.'"
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