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Willie Taggart is already recruiting in Hawaii

This is no time for vacation.

Connecticut v South Florida Photo by Jason Behnken / Getty Images

You've just been named head football coach of the Oregon Ducks, what are you gonna do next?

If you’re Willie Taggart, it’s host an inspiring press conference and then jet off to Hawaii for some ‘Cruitin.

According to SEC Country, Taggart headed out to visit Alabama Crimson Tide QB commit Tua Tagovailoa at his home in Ewa Beach.

Tagovailoa is firmly committed to the Tide, but it’s at least worth noting he attends the same high school as Marcus Mariota. His father Galu told the site he doesn’t expect anything to change:

“They’re supposed to be out here to see my nephew (3-star defensive end Myron Tagovailoa) and they just wanted to speak to Tua. I’m fine with it,” Galu Tagovailoa said. “I know he’s a new coach and he wants to get the energy going, but at the same time, we expressed to him that Tua is locked in to Alabama. He just wanted a chance to speak with him, and I’m fine with it.”

The elder Tagovailoa was extremely complimentary to Taggart, calling him nice, respectful, and aggressive in recruiting. But he added “I honestly don’t think he’s going to persuade Tua at all.”

We’ll see, because Taggart is a very persuasive guy. Have a great day if you want to.