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Oregon Uniforms Voted Nation's Best (By Recruits)


Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

A survey of 100 Division 1 recruits found that the Oregon Ducks are still the favorite when it comes to uniforms.

The survey found that of 94 respondents, fully 60 said Oregon had the coolest uniforms, although a few players chose more than one team. Nike was also chosen as the "coolest" brand, though Adidas and Under Armour weren't too far behind. It's not surprising, but still a strong sign for the school and for Phil Knight's empire.

The school with the most responses for worst uniform was Alabama, and they haven't exactly struggled to recruit lately. But there was a correlation between popular jerseys and wins:

However, the 22 teams receiving votes for "best uniforms" averaged 8.86 wins in 2015, while the 29 teams receiving votes for "worst uniforms" averaged only 6.5 wins in 2015. Since average number of wins takes into account actual coaching ability, we also looked at the average 2016 recruiting class ranking according to The 22 teams receiving votes for "best uniforms" had a combined average recruiting class ranking of 24.0—the 29 "worst" looking teams had a combined average of 53.9.

So, uniforms matter. And for the Ducks, that's great news.