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Oregon vs. Nicholls State 2013

ATQTube: Nicholls Recap, Virginia First Look

Tako wraps up Oregon's win over Nicholls State, and takes a look at the playmakers for the Ducks' next opponent, Virginia.

Ducks Pour It On Late Against Nicholls

Oregon's Defense Bends but does not break against NSU.

Oregon vs. Nicholls State Second Half Open Thread

Come watch the backups finish off this opening week win.

Oregon vs. Nicholls State 1st Half Open Thread

The first open thread of the 2013 football season. Awwwwwww yeeeeah.

Mark Helfrich's Debut: The Concept of Continuity

Mark Helfrich takes over for a coach who many considered to be one of the most important coaches of the last decade. Now Oregon is posed with a couple illogical arguments about greatness and sustainability. What really makes Oregon tick and progress?

Digital Ducks: Thursday Practice Report

It's the final countdown!

Opponent Preview: Oregon vs. Nicholls State Q/A

Teddy Reonis from the Thibodaux Daily Comet catches us up to speed on Nicholls State football.

How We Stop: Show Up

The Ducks finally get to hit someone else

ATQTube: 5 Newcomers to Watch vs. Nicholls Stat3

You know the returners; let's talk the Oregon newbies that will make their Duck debuts vs. Nicholls State.

Digital Ducks: Tuesday Practice Report

Coach Aliotti and Helfrich

Tako Tuesdays: Bless You Nicholls State, Bless You

Saturday won't be fun for the visiting Colonels, but they provide a crucial public service. Tako explains.

Digital Ducks: Monday Practice Report

We got the coach!

Oregon Ducks Release Depth Chart for Week One

Coach Helfrich and company have put together the two-deep for the first game against Nicholls State.

The Kickoff: Ducks Open 2013 with a pillow fight

Oregon kicks off the 2013 season against perhaps the worst team in America, the Beaux and Tuskani show at Nicholls State University.

ATQTube is Back, and Nicholls State is Really Bad

Plus, there's a Thor Cat on my wall. That alone is worth the price of admission.