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Just when Tako thought he was out, they pull him back in...

Tako Tuesdays Rates Khalil Tate

Using advanced metrics, I will attempt to find Khalil Tate’s place among the greats of history.

Tako Tuesdays: FIREMARKHELFRICH.COM!!!!!!1

We are now in Day 2 of the Mark Helfrich Era of Oregon football. And that's two days too long. Takimoto explains why.

Tako Tuesdays: Two Coaches, Both Alike in Dignity

Tako takes a look at Saturday's Oregon-Arizona game, with a little help from the Bard.

Tako Tuesdays: The First Annual Pac-12 Mascot Consortium

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, in an attempt to further advance the brand of the conference, invited all twelve mascots to network headquarters for a focus group. This is a transcript of that meeting.

Tako Tuesdays' Chip Kelly Retrospective, Episode I

Tako begins his summer look back at the Chip Kelly era in Oregon football with a collection of his favorite offensive performances.

Tako Tuesdays

Tako Tuesdays, the home of Tako Tuesdays.

Tako Tuesdays: Progress

Jason Collins took a major step forward towards gay acceptance in men's pro sports. But why should an athlete's sexuality even matter in the first place?

Tako Tuesdays Finds Your Quack of Faith Disturbing

Takimoto examines Chip Kelly, and comes to a startling conclusion. The Force is strong with him.

Tako Tuesdays is Filing a Complaint

I don’t want to have to disown you, so please help me out with this.

Tako Tuesdays is Playing Through Adversity

Much like the Oregon offense, I do not have the health necessary to get the job done.

Tako Tuesdays Can Prove Oregon Football is Elite Wait Where Are You Going Come Back

Tako Tuesdays Wants to be Sexy Iowa

Defense is exciting again! Let’s do the least Oregon thing of all, and embrace it.

Un-Break Tako Tuesdays

Say you love me again

Tako Tuesdays: Schrodinger’s Football Game

Cal-Oregon is this Saturday night, and literally anything is possible.

Tako Tuesdays’ Pac-12 Out-of-Conference Recap

Who’s still standing tall, and who fell flat on their faces to open the 2017 season?

Tako Tuesdays: The Threat of an Overreaction

Oregon football might be good. But probably, they appear as though they are good.

Tako Tuesdays Just Hopes You’re All Okay

Seriously. The state is on fire. Who gives a damn about football?

Tako Tuesdays - The Beatdown Edition Volume 2

Oregon’s given out its fair share of whompings; which one was the whompiest?

Tako Tuesdays - the Beatdown Edition Volume 1

because it’s important to enter each season with a measure of humility.

Tako Tuesdays: Best Case/Worst Case 2017

Tako Tuesdays is a year older, and a thousand years wiser.

Tako Tuesdays Goes for Two

A retrospective on maybe the singular play of the Kelly-Helfrich era: the swinging gate PAT

Tako Tuesdays is Rooting for Washington to Win the College Football Playoff

Hear me out.

An Open Letter to Rob Mullens

We’re waiting...

From the Desk of SWOOOOOOOP

In times of dire need, Swoop is here.

A Reasonable $10,000,000 Coaching Search

Eight figures can get you a lot, but there are a lot of bad ideas out there. Tako is here to help find cost-effective solutions.

A Bunch More Oregon Records for Justin Herbert to Tie

The Deadlock Don has a few more years as Oregon’s quarterback. He needs some goals to shoot for.

Tako Tuesdays Takes Inventory

Let’s dig through and figure out what good parts are left on this mighty wreck.

Tako Tuesdays Tries to Polish this Turd

This season has been a hot mess, but Oregon football has a history of hiding jewels amidst garbage.

Tako Tuesdays is a Second Half Team

Oregon football is in some kind of mess right now. What will it take to salvage this season?

Tako Tuesdays: Eulogy vs. Euphoria

There are only two possible outcomes this Saturday: the end of an era, or the highest of high comedy.

Why Oregon Should Lose to Washington State

Tako doesn’t want Oregon to lose to Washington State. But here’s why it might be good in the long run if they do.

Tako Tuesdays Bought a Zoo

It’s a world-class menagerie!

An Open Letter to All the Petulant Oregon Fans

We hear you. We don’t like you. Please stop.

Tako Tuesdays Wants to Meet New People

Oregon has never played 59 different FBS teams in football. Tako ranks them all.

The Tako Tuesdays Best Case/Worst Case, 2016 Edition

Tako is back with a best case and worst case scenario for Oregon's 2016 season. You won't like the worst case.

Tako Tuesdays: An Ill-Advised Return

Tako crawls out of his cave of solitude to give this whole blogging thing just one more shot.

The 11 Best UO-UW Games of the Last 11 Years

No better time to recap the streak than the week before it might end.

The Official Tako Tuesdays New Uniform Opinion

Immediately following a 21st century uniform retrospective