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I Forgot To Write Tako Tuesdays This Week, AMA

Tako f***ed up. So ask him questions, and he'll answer them.

Oregon Probably Isn't This Bad at Football

Oregon looked terrible against Utah. They probably aren't that bad for real. Though, they might be.

Tako Tuesdays: Mad Lib Recap

I don't recall enough of what happened to recap it, so I have you do it for me.

Tako Tuesdays: House Money

Oregon faces a tough task Saturday against Michigan State. But the fate of their season does not rest with Saturday night's outcome.

Tako Tuesdays: Best Case/Worst Case

There are two kinds of Oregon fans. This article trolls them both.

Tako Tuesdays Gets the Pac-12 Coaches Drunk

Bless you Steve Sarkisian. Blessings for your heart, and prayers for your liver.

The Top 19 Touchdowns of the 2014-15 Season

Long overdue, a look back at the best touchdowns from Oregon's run to the national championship game.

Oregon Basketball: What a Great Idea!

Tako returns, rested and giddy after Oregon basketball's rise to the top of the Pac-12.

An Open Letter to the Pac-12 Network

I don't ask for much. But I ask for this, because we need it. We need it now.

Tako Tuesdays: Which 2015 Oregon QB Are You?

ATQ goes full BuzzFeed to help you decide which player you're rooting for in the Oregon QB battle.

The Tako Tuesdays Guide to Surviving the Offseason

Because eight and a half months without football will drive you insane if you don't have a plan.



Tako Tuesdays: Oregon's Time is Now

Oregon prepares for its second national championship game, one that may be the best chance they'll ever get.

Tako Tuesdays Remembers

Despite what you may have heard, Oregon is a really good football team. And Tako can't wait to see them again.

Tako Tuesdays' Christmas Vacation

Tako's on vacay, so in lieu of a full-length article, he's got some quick Top 5 lists for you.

The Comprehensive Marcus Mariota Awards List

With so many awards, someone needed to put them all in one place.

Tako Tuesdays Rewrites College Football History

Now that we know a little more about the CFP selection committee's thinking, let's go back and see how the BCS-era seasons would have turned out with the committee calling the shots.

Tako Tuesdays and The Pirate Ship Revenge

Three thieves have stolen the CFP trophy, and it's up to our hero to win it back.

Tako Tuesdays: Putting the War Back in Civil War

Little brother deserves more noogies and atomic wedgies, but we can love them just the same.

Tako Tuesdays is Filled with November Dread

November has been brutal for Oregon in years past, but the Ducks will have to get creative to screw things up this year.

Tako Tuesdays Suggests Alternate Activities

Because football is just too damn dangerous.


Kevin Hogan - THE Kevin Hogan - has a chance to win a third straight against Oregon. And he will, for he is all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful.

Tako Tuesdays: Dual Citizenship

A look back to the day my Oregon fandom became what it is today, and will be forever.

Tako Tuesdays: 4000 Ain't Nothin'

Four-thousand days without a Husky win. It's a pretty good start. Let's keep it rolling.

Tako Tuesdays Says Burn it All to the Ground

Oregon loses to Arizona for the second straight year. The Ducks should probably just blow it all up and start over.

The Historical Significance of Marcus Mariota

What are we really seeing here, and is it possible that we're actually under-appreciating it?

Tako Tuesdays is Done Hearing About Many Things

Oregon's 2014 season has been polarizing, and many tired arguments are being recycled.Tako is doing away with all of them in one fell swoop.

Tako Tuesdays Is In the Revenge Business

Hello. My name is the Oregon Ducks. You mildly annoyed our former defensive coordinator. Prepare to die.

Tako Tuesdays Needs a New Narrative to Bust

We killed the "can't beat physical teams" storyline; what's next?

Tako Tuesdays Can't Find the Hate

Tako is having trouble building up vitriol for the Michigan State Spartans, because there simply isn't a whole lot about them to hate.

Tako Tuesdays is Back, But Might Leave Again

And will need some convincing by you, dear reader.

How Oregon Wins the WCWS, in Seven Easy Steps

The top-ranked Ducks have only seven teams that stand between them and a national championship. Here are the seven things that, if they happen, could mean a title for Oregon.