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Tako Tuesdays

Tako Tuesdays, the home of Tako Tuesdays.

The Pac-12 Mascots Go To A Music Festival

Larry Scott takes the Pac-12 Mascots to Outside Lands, with predictable results.

Tako Tuesdays: Business is About to Pick Up

Good God, Addicted to Quack is giving out tickets to WWE Live! at the Rose Garden! Find out how to win!

Tako Tuesdays: What We're REALLY Excited For

Tako can't wait for fall to get here, because his favorite fall sport is primed for another great year. And no, it isn't football.

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Tako Tuesdays: Inside "Addicted to Goat"

The ladies of ATQ break away to form their own blog, and are immediately faced with snags.

Tako Tuesdays: Bold Statements

Tako is sick and tired of everyone agreeing with his opinion. It's time to step outside the box.

Tako Tuesdays: Helfy and the Chip

Oregon's two favorite lab mice hatch a plan to take over the world. And by "take over the world", I mean "annoy the piss out of husky fans".

The Tako Tuesdays Most Terrifying List

Oregon's rise to the football elites was built with offense, but the Ducks have had their fair share of scary defensive players. Takimoto runs down some of his favorites.

Tako Tuesdays is Disappoint

In one of the greatest school years in Oregon athletic history, a few Ducks sports have left a sour taste in the mouth of one Duck fan, who is dreaming bigger and greedier.

Fun With Oregon Football Anagrams and MSPaint

In an futile attempt to cheer himself up from Monday night's Warriors chokejob, Tako finds anagrams of Oregon football players, and draws them. Poorly.

Tako Tuesdays Off-Topic: The Music Thread

Tako opens up the floor for the ATQ commenters to give their favorite bands today, and the classic artists that just never grabbed them.

Tako Tuesdays: Dot is Hot

With all apologies to Ted Geisel and his estate, Tako takes a crack at a Seussian-style look at Oregon basketball.

Tako Tuesdays: The CHAMP Rating 2013

Tako the Mad Bracketographer retools his not-so-secret NCAA bracket formula.

Tako Tuesday: It's Only When We've Lost Everything

Thanks to an easy schedule and a well-timed hot streak, Dana Altman's Ducks found themselves ranked in the top 10 in the country. This team wasn't supposed to be that good. And they aren't.

Ruby Tuesdays: The Advice Column

Buckle up, kiddos.

Tako Tuesdays Off Topic: The TV Episode

Tako Tuesdays, believe it or not, started as an off-topic forum for ATQ readers. In the football offseason, we kick it old-school.

Tako Tuesdays Argues With Himself

Is Oregon's basketball team for real? Takimoto takes the argument to the only place it could possibly be answered: inside his own head.

Tako Tuesdays: Honest Abe...FOR THREEEEEEE!

Abraham Lincoln never lived to see basketball, but if he had, he'd have some things to say about this year's Pac-12. Come along on a historical journey!

The Tako Tuesdays Guide to Enjoying Signing Day

A list of do's and dont's, to ensure that you aren't "that guy" on National Signing Day

Tako Tuesdays Takes College Football Global

Bronco Mendenhall tries to end poverty in Uganda, Steve Spurrier takes his shirt off in the Bahamas, Johnny Football hits the beaches of Rio, and Scandanavious Mingo shows Stockholm a good time. College football goes global, only at Addicted to Quack

Tako Tuesdays: The Press Conference

With so many Oregon sports figures deciding whether to stay in Eugene or fly to greener pastures, it's time Tako came out and announced his plans for next season.

Tako Tuesdays: Oregon's New Year's Resolutions

Takimoto looks back on a tremendous 2012 in Oregon sports, and seeing even bigger things ahead in 2013.

Tako THURSdays: Drunk Bowls Part II

Takimoto finishes up his libation-centric bowl picks, including his choice for 2012-13 BCS national champion

Tako Tuesdays: Handing Out Hypothetical Hardware

Takimoto hands out postseason awards he made up, and mean nothing in the overall arc of mankind's time on Earth. Unlike the Heisman, which totally matters.

Tako Tuesdays: a Bowl of Holiday Cheer, Part 1

Tako makes his 2012 bowl selections in the most logical way possible: by comparing regional beers, liquors, and cocktails. I'm surprised you didn't think of it first.

Tako Tuesdays Wonders if 2012 Was a Success

Oregon currently sits at 11-1 as it prepares for the Fiesta Bowl. But does that make this season a successful one, or does the promise of more spell disappointment?

Tako Tuesdays Wants You to Root for Notre Dame

Seriously. Tako likes the Fighting Irish. Read on to find out why.

The Tako Tuesdays 2008 Civil War Retrospective

Takimoto recaps his personal tale of his favorite Civil War, and invites you to share your own in the comments section

Tako Tuesdays Can't Handle This Crap


Tako Tuesday Needs You to Get the Word Out #KB4NYC

It's the most important decision of 2012. And we need you to do some campaigning for the only serious candidate around: Kenjon Barner.

Tako Tuesdays: Matt Barkley's Unfinished Business

Matt Barkley forewent an almost-certain place in the first round of the NFL Draft to return for his senior season at USC, claiming to have "unfinished business". But what business exactly?

Tako Tuesdays: Confidence

The Oregon football team has to stay focused on the task at hand. But I've already chalked this one up.

Tako Tuesdays: Using De'Anthony Thomas

Touted as a Heisman dark horse entering 2012, De'Anthony Thomas hasn't seen the amount of action Duck fans were expecting. Is this a design, or an area of concern?