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The QuackPoll

The Week 13 QuackPoll Sees Through the BS

#1 goes down in Tuscaloosa, and the QuackPoll voters make sense of it all.

The Antiquated Week 12 QuackPoll

Look at us, ranking undefeated teams ahead of one-loss teams. Buncha old-timers.

The Week 10 QuackPoll's Well-Known Notre Dame Bias

Almost as big as our East Carolina bias. We must like small-conference teams.

The Week 9 QuackPoll Will Keep This Brief

Real life is beating the pants off Internet life, so this week's QuackPoll is all kinds of concise.

The Week 8 QuackPoll Finds Common Ground

After last week's nonsense, we had nowhere to go but up. Plus, with the playoff on the horizon, we start dreaming of January.

The Week 7 QuackPoll is Having an Identity Crisis

After a bonkers week of college football, the QuackPoll looks completely different.

The Week 6 QuackPoll Hides Behind the Familiar

When in doubt, put the Ducks #1.

The Week 5 QuackPoll Huddles Together for Warmth

The teams at the top scrunch together and try and survive after a weird Week 4.

The Week 4 QuackPoll Watched WarGames Too Much

Florida State gains ground on Oregon during its bye week? Sounds like the only way to win is not to play.

The Week 3 QuackPoll Loves Their Ducks, Mostly

You'd think Oregon's big win over Michigan State would mean a unanimous #1 QuackPoll ranking. You'd be wrong.

The Week 2 QuackPoll Fancies Itself Clairvoyant

After one week of the college football season, some QuackPoll voters may be looking ahead to the future...

The 2014 Preseason QuackPoll is Self-Aware

We all know that preseason polls are dumb. But when has that ever stopped us from doing anything before?

The QuackPoll Reaches the Pacific

After a long college football journey, The QuackPoll finally makes it to the end of their season. See what the poll looks like, and take a look back at the Week 1 poll, and how badly we missed on some teams.

The Week 14 QuackPoll: The Big XII is the BOMB

Their mascots all have guns. It's frightening.

The Week 13 QuackPoll is Spiteful and Grumpy

Harumph, Oregon loses again.

The Week 12 QuackPoll Catches Bama Slippin'

Dave, Noah, and Tako fill out their ballots, and Bama's #2 spot becomes less and less of a sure thing.

The QuackPoll, Week 11

After Oregon's loss to Stanford, and Jake Tabor's return to the poll, the Top 25 shakes up.

The QuackPoll, Week 10

With Jake and Dom out, Dave Noah and Tako, and all their biases, take over.

The Week 9 QuackPoll Re-Shuffles the Deck

With everybody back and healthy, the poll wants to decide the FSU-Oregon argument on the field.

The Week 8 QuackPoll Just Gives the Hell Up

Auburn's in the Top 10, behind Missouri and ahead of Texas Tech. What in the actual hell is happening.

The Week 7 QuackPoll Gets Upset

Upsets defined Week 7 in college football. How did it affect the QuackPoll?

The Week Six QuackPoll Hates the Big Ten

Ohio State gets a big road win over a good Northwestern team...and drops two spots?

The QuackPoll, Week 5

With everyone back and healthy, the poll gets busy.

The QuackPoll, Week 4

Dave and Jake go missing, and Noah, Tako, and Dom are left to try and make sense of everything.

The QuackPoll, Week 3

ATQ's college football top 25 moves forward with a new #1, and a big move into the Top 10 for UCLA.

The QuackPoll: Week 2

Big wins by Miami and Michigan, and big losses by Texas and South Carolina, alter the QuackPoll landscape.

The ATQ QuackPoll: Week 1

Come find out who the Addicted to Quack staff thinks is the best team in the country.